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Mostly it has to do with the size of the check i receive from the record label. After that i consider whether or not that label's president has recently purchased me a quality meal and/or whether a strong vintage of wine was served. I'm kidding, of course. There's a number of ways we track song success. Our most popular chart, the Billboard Hot 100 measures streaming music from services such as Spotify; downloads from stores including iTunes, Amazon and others; and radio play, along with a few other odds and ends. Other charts include other data as appropriate. For example, our Dance chart also includes elements of club play.

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there are companies out there collecting this data and we have entertained and are entertaining partnerships. truth is, it doesn't reveal much in the way of trends that are any different from the existing charts we have. the most played hits at radio tend to be most streamed at spotify, most purchased at itunes, most pirated at bit torrent, etc. there are exceptions of course, but this is the general rule.

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i have two kids and this job. if i get an hour alone and uninterrupted with my wife, it's a small miracle. that said, a nice bottle of '98 Krug helps. and a vegan meal please.

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i would drive a much nicer car, were it so.

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Silvio - they asked for top three artists and you listed 15.