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Sounds like a Monday to me.

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I loved the movie but wasn't a fan of the scene when Leo was acting like it was a video game. If I forget that scene, the movie is close to perfect.

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The Lone Gunmen would be mods on /r/conspiracy.

Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the Reddit gold!!! I'd like to think it's from The Lone Gunmen that secretly helped start Reddit to give people the knowledge that the truth is out there.

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I just read Serge and started to say it like "seuurrge," loved you in that movie!! Do you have a replica of that over the top assault rifle??

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Thanks for doing this AMA. How are things with the Ford Atlas coming along? I do hope the concept and released version design does not change much. I was very impressed with the new updated look.

I had a Ford Expedition for 10 years and drove it 288,000 miles before I got a newer Ford Expedition.