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It was in Greenfield, Mass, a small town not too far from our home. And the Bart Simpson show had made quite a name for itself on TV, it was high in the ratings, and I was walking down main street in Greenfield, and a Bart Simpson-sized kid on a two-wheeler bicycle saw me, and his face turned to surprise, and he used a profanity just like one would think Bart Simpson would say. Hehe! And it was like, you know, the profanity, and he couldn't believe that Bill Cosby was right there, and it was shock, but he used the profanity, and I did a knee-jerk and I said "you watch your filthy mouth!" and he drove off. But he was yelling "I just saw Bill Cosby!"

Well, considering that yours is first, I'm very happy to congratulate him on all the bills he's paid, and for not sending me any.

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I feel like I'm in the doctor's office, and they put the EKG on your chest, and they're saying "you're doing fine, it's all pumping well."

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Oh my goodness. Not fair. Bill Russell (I've already met), Bill Clinton, and Bill Shakespeare.

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No, thank you. Those people are too old now.

Brand, brand, brand! This started with my first TV show, the Cosby show. Then I had a variety show, called Cos. Then another show called the Cosby Show, and another show, and I've always argued that you see, there's this name Cosby that they know will attract an audience as opposed to the so-and-so's that will have to start all over.

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He'd be retired. And she would be retired. And right now they would be somewhere in the south of France, and he would be hiding at a bakery in the morning having two croissants and blueberry jam.