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I started an online eSports Tournament Organizer. We host PUBG/Blackout tournaments with cash prizes. Are there any legal troubles/issues I should be worried about?

Edit: Thank you to everyone who answered. I am going to consultant with my state BAR for a referral. Thank you all and thank you /u/VideoGameAttorney for the responses!

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Thank you! What should I look for in an attorney? I have a family friend but he is a defense attorney, he won't be much help I would imagine.

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Wow, thank you for the info! If the tournaments we host are Free to enter. Would we be alright? or is there still a grey area that I would need to define more thoroughly.

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How many people are required to get tickets to the show? Reason I ask, a group of 35 of us are going to Vegas this summer and want to take a trip out to LA and see the show, but we do not want to drive the 3-4 hours out if we cannot get in.