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Dude. I hope anyone takes a look at your post history before listening to you on here, because it looks like you make a daily habit of starting shit with people on reddit. It's sad, really. Being "that guy" isn't going to help your credibility.

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I've never attempted to grow marijuana myself, but I've heard its a stubborn plant to grow and really sensitive to its environment. How exactly does your scrogging system address that?

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I haven't relentlessly attacked anyone, nor have I engaged in name calling. Both are hallmarks of bullying and he is guilty of both, in this thread and many others throughout reddit. He has said some really nasty things and you're essentially supporting it. Calling out an unreasonable person for their rude behavior, which is all I've done, is the antithesis of bullying. Your attempt at trying to paint me as a bully is unfounded and baseless, as demonstrated by your flawed "examples". I'm sure you'll define what I'm doing now as bullying, as well, so this discussion has no where constructive to go from here. However, I would advise you try and modify your definition of bullying, so you can properly identify it and don't enable future bullying behaviors within others, or yourself.

Sad hypocrite


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No, I'm clearly not the one who started anything. I'm not the type of person who sits passively and enables bullying behavior, so I voiced myself, rationally, might I add. Despite the point he's trying to make, he's gone about it completely irrationally and his attack on OP is over-emotional and, thus, less effective. Surely you can see that. As my earlier post was upvoted, I see that I'm not alone in this opinion. Regarding his post history, I actually did want to attempt a counter point, but once I saw his post history and realized he has an almost daily routine of arguing with people on the internet, I realized any attempts at reasoning would be futile. And in response to your point about his post history basically not being relevant to this discussion, anyone who doesn't think a person's reputation comes into play when that person is trying to establish an argument is clueless about human behavior (i.e. political elections, court trials, etc.).