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Is that because of close familial relationships?

Do they not worry about that sort of thing?

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Welcome to the shitty side of being female...

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Came here to look for this. Was not disappointed.

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Instead of trying to initiate sex. Try initiating intimacy. So rather her feeling pressured to have sex and that then turning into a very stressful situation which is self defeating.....focus on things like cooking a nice meal. Sitting down to a film and snuggling up under blankets. Cuddles and kisses outside of a bedroom. Once the expectation of "being close = sex" she will hopefully relax and over time the intimacy will hopefully naturally lead to sex. But sloooooooow steps. Even if you get to foreplay maybe just stop there so there is no pressure. Build up to things slowly. Mutual masturbation. Oral.

Wish you the best x

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I sometimes want to bury my face in my blokes armpit. Such a musky smell. Makes my ovaries go skippity skip.