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BigglesCombsHisHair19 karma

He pulled it out of the ass he bought on eBay, I'll wager.

BigglesCombsHisHair12 karma

Sure, I understand that- but if he bought a storage unit that had a whole dead person in it, he would not be allowed to keep that person, surely? I have read about a case where an elderly woman had her mother in storage - preserved in a coffin- for 13 years before it was discovered.

BigglesCombsHisHair6 karma

How can a part of a person be purchased? That does not make sense to me- if it is a part of a living person, then that person should maintain ownership.

BigglesCombsHisHair6 karma

I am sorry to hear it. That Judge is foolish. Now, if I buy a house and find a skull in it, the skull is mine. What if I find a body buried on my property? Do I have to pay to have it removed, or does the state have to pay if no one claims it?

People are not property, not even parts of people.