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How do you feel about the LEGO Masters show and the quality of the builds showcased therein?

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Are your trucks governed?

I work at FedEx part time and all the trucks they have are governed at 65 mph. It's obnoxious because all the highways/ interstates around here have speed limits of 70. Sometimes I feel like it's close to a safety issue because I'm causing an impedance during busy traffic times.

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That's great money. Good for you guys. You deserve every cent!

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Thank you for the info!

Are you guys salary or hourly? All the drivers in our hub are hourly. Come in at about $18 and top out at $27ish (an hour), with a good amount of overtime available. How does that $ compare to UPS?

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Haha, well glad I could shed a bit of light for you. Believe me, that driver would much prefer to be keeping up with or passing traffic!