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Ummm. I'm adopted. Santa isn't real. You guys ARE assholes.

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So they are snake oil salesmen. Get behind me Satan!

Edit: it appears that these guys are like a real life version of EA. Selling a product that purports to help you without any actual proof. Thanks, but no thank you.

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The ol':

Those that can, do.

Those that can't, teach.

Do not worry, you have fallen for an old human trick.

Many great sports stars are able to "DO." However, those same sports stars are unable to coach professional players to excell to the levels they did. Why is that? Because the skills to excell at a sport are not the same as those that are needed to get others to release their potential.

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Thank you.

I was trying to respond to "they are failures so they life coach" idea.

My point is not to promote "life coaches" or try and defend this "industry."

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I was at a Boy Scout camp on the Oregon Coast that May 18. I heard what I thought was a sonic boom. I looked in the sky for the jets.

When we were picked up later I found out that St. Helens had blown.

Another eruption in August of 1980(?) interrupted our football daily doubles. Coach stopped practice and had everyone watch the eruption for bit.