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Can confirm. Dude is always pitching tents.

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That explains the wood.

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As a child I broke all 5 metatarsals in my left foot. I can remember limping into the house with my foot flapping and telling my mother that I had broken my foot but she did not believe me. 2 days latter she decided the black foot could be a problem and brought me into the er and the Dr confirmed what I had told her. A year of casts and then being told I had to walk on it because the bones were getting thin was not fun. Can you handle any pressure on the bones? For instance if someone were to give you a foot rub and touched the top of your foot does it cause you pain? I've never been able to have my left foot touched by others and tight shoes are a no no. I've broken 18 bones and I have to tell ya the foot was one of the worst. I wish you well on your journey sir.

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I have a child due in 18 days. How can I introduce her to math and help her understand that math is a language that can tell us everything and not have her fear it? I had very weak math skills as a child and I hope to help her to not fear math.

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Can I get a hello ladies from the big valbowski?

Edit - Who is downvoting everyones questions?