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"Your face smells very symmetrical. Oh, and btw, nice immune system."

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I had no idea it was all improvised! I have to say: that scene where you see drastic metamorphosis into a prawn and break down with the realization of what is happening, and you just cry "fuck" about 20 times in a row ... that was absolutely incredible.

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Which characters are heavily based on real people that the creators knew?

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"Put out an APB on a Yoostwiss R Deewoah. I repeat, Yoostwiss R Deewoah."

"Chief, you're reading his name upside down. And that's not a radio, you're talking into your wallet."

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With the success of this leak, will you consider leaking more private information in the future in the method of Wikileaks? Have you thought about helping anonymous whistleblowing against corporations and governments for the good of society?