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Is it true that the spice must flow?

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How do they justify making people pay to delete data? Shouldn't that be free?

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Have you seen any films or TV shows that get prison right? If not, what would make such shows more realistic?

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Do you know what the deal is with "resort fees"? It seems like it should just be included in the price of the room if it has to be paid regardless of whether you will use any of the resort facilities. Do people get mad about this a lot? Why does it even exist? Thanks! (Edited after seeing a similar question here).

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Have you considered that one of your photos (photo #50) could result in a guide and his family being sent to a hard labor camp for the rest of his life? I'd guess that him reading a Lonely Planet guidebook could be a huge problem. Maybe you could black out his face? The photos are lovely by the way; thank you for sharing them.