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That's really interesting! It's awesome that you are connecting with your half-siblings. Do you guys feel like family to each other (a literal "brother/sister from another mother"), or strangers?

There's a great movie made in my city of Montreal called "Starbuck." It's a fantastic French film about a middle-aged man who suddenly discovers that all the sperm donations he did in his late teens (for cash) resulted in dozens of children he knew nothing about. It's a really great watch if you don't mind reading subtitles.

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A great point, but he's dug himself a huge hole by marketing it so strongly already. My family was eager to try the app but now doesn't really care anymore. If his thinking is to release it when it's done, he should have done that with both devices.

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If I may add myself to the conversation, I am a current employee of The Source, which use to be Radioshack in Canada. If you guys have any questions on them, you can ask me.

I just wanted to repeat what RadioshacksBitch has been saying. The problem is that most people have been brainwashed into thinking that extended guarantees are by default bad. Some can actually help A LOT. Sure they are designed to profit the stores, and trust me when us salesmen are evaluated we have a quota just for guarantees, but they can also save a customer LOADS of money. The company makes money when the customer forgets that they have purchased an extended guarantee. Just be sure to ask lots of questions before jumping to conclusions.

Also, he is right about cellphones. It's the aspect I despise the most about my job. At The Source, we pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service, but I hate that if I don't meet quote I'll get shit from my superiors, and it sucks that you need to try and work cellphones or home services into every damn conversation. Ex: someone comes in to buy a video game. Well if you have an Xbox, you may have Xbox Live, and you need a great internet connection...

Edit: Spelling + added a bit more info.

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Has the success of this short landed you any interesting opportunities? I can imagine that a few companies have sent some emails your way.

PS. Thank you so much for this! Majora's Mask is my favorite game of all time and so seeing this was like a dream come true. Every liberty you took made so much sense, and as someone who's studied and done a bit of 3D work, everything from the modelling to the textures to the lighting is absolutely breathtaking.

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I've been teaching English as a second language for the last four years during the summer at a camp, and one of my students is also allergic to the cold. I always felt like a dick when on Fridays I'd reward the kids with popsicles (because of strict "no peanut" rules, it's cheap and kids love them). Worst part was, she was the raddest kid of the bunch.

I think the first question I ever asked her was, because I'm Canadian, "What do you do during the winter?!"