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Haha we know who the uncircumcised one is.

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Yeah not sure what to ask here. "Hey what's it like to yell at someone?"

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What the doctor described didn't make sense. He said the rapid, crash dieting weight loss was hard to keep off, then makes a giant leap that it is because of genetics and some people just can't lose weight.

It didn't make any sense. Here's the time stamped section: https://youtu.be/CKNmTjRBwfk?t=1m29s

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I've dropped 60lbs in a little over 6 months counting calories. 245-185lbs and counting. My jaw dropped while I was listening to that episode.

Especially at the end when they blamed genetics determining your weight.


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Early access should show some sign of the defining feature in a game, such as quests. You can't just excuse everything with "its early access so they'll just build the most time consuming, important part of the game later".