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Being among people with such extreme viewpoints on both sides of the political spectrum, do you think that extreme ideals are only held by a small number of outspoken individuals, and the rest of the crowd of people simply follow? Or, are there really that many people today that have more extreme beliefs on both sides?

EDIT: Here is what I find fascinating about the responses to this question: We have a guy in this AMA thread with unique experiences that none of us have, and you guys would rather argue about political issues instead of finding out about the real people behind them. You can do that anywhere else.

Here is why the original question is important:

There are big steps between posting a meme online, to going to a rally, to acting with violence.

Would any person who posts anti-mask memes actually attack someone for wearing a mask? Obviously a select few have. But are we really in that much danger, or is the person who posts the anti-mask meme on FB just kind of going along with what their associates think? Is it all talk? Or should we expect action to follow? These are important questions that are much more important than what your personal political beliefs are.

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Examples on the right - violence

Examples on the left - violence

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You only have your average left-leaning person in mind. Just like the far right, there are people who are completely insane on the left, that take all of the ideas you mention to an extreme.

For example, the group that tied up and a beat mentally-disabled man while livestreaming on FB - all while talking about Trump and white people. Is this normal behavior? Absolutely not. But, it was an example of what people with extreme left-aligning views can be capable of.

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That definition applies to several issues on both sides of the political spectrum. There are a lot of opinions that are expressed as fact in everyone's personal echo chambers. Learn to recognize your biases.

You don't have to have an opinion on everything. It is fine to simply observe unless you feel especially passionate about a certain issue.

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You would have to hold some pretty extreme viewpoints to be pushed to the point of violence, no? Or is that both sides have people willing to commit violence for their "team?"

In either situation, those people have extreme viewpoints.