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Complicated answer. I'm in what I call a "no-pass" industry. If you play craps you know what a no-pass player is. People who profit off of other peoples bad times. It sucks. Sometimes it's just plain shitty. I have always said if people stop going to jail, you wouldn't hear one complaint from me. I'd go find another job and do it with a smile on my face. I always ask people what they think is a better solution to the bondsman industry, and most people will say pre-trial release. But there are flaws in that system just as they're are with the bondsman system. If someone flees from court in P-TR, there's noone to hold accountable for that person not going to court. You think the police are going to hunt down a guy for missing an assault case when they're backed up with meth and aggravated robberies? Hell no. So when our client misses court, we're on the hook for that person. We have to go find them, and place them back in jail. And, they did a study not too long ago that showed bail bondsmen were more effective at getting people to court than P-TR

It's not a perfect system by any means, but there never will be.

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thanks I fixed it.

Believe it or not its pretty 50/50. Drugs don't have a color preference. We also get ALOT of college kids stealing from wal-mart. In fact I just got out this poor college kid (white, since thats the topic at hand) who got caught shoplifting art supplies for her art class...

P.S. never steal from wal-mart, they have some of the best loss prevention in the business.

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He would be perfect for it too. He's a character. Hardcore prepper. Always has a few assault rifles and a bag of assorted currency in his trunk for whenever "they" come. He wasn't one legged when I first met him, he was just a normie. Lost his leg to a nasty infection from a nail that went through his foot.

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We do have a bounty hunter actually. He has one leg. Nice guy. He usually just picks people up when they miss court. It's amazing how influential a guy with one leg can be..

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mmm... most of the time people just get probation so the final court date really isn't the end all/be all. For more serious crimes you'll have a lawyer so they should tell you what to expect. Sometimes they will take you straight to jail, but most of the time they give you a few days to get your affairs in order (to the dismay of bondsmen).