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How can an end-user or consumer can protect him/herself? There are too many security products, like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Sophos, etc, and one can check received emails or the sites which he/she can visit, but even sometimes that is not enough. Years ago, on a Windows 2012 server I saw a hacker running his apps as a built-in service user from remote desktop services. No AV found that malicious at that time.

So, what can we do? Which software / hardware shall we use? How can we protect ourselves?

I am aware nothing is %100 bulletproof but we have to start from somewhere.

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For the moment I have Bitwarden and 1Password as password managers, using MFA and Yubikey wherever I can. I have Kaspersky Endpoint Security Plus at home (yes, I bought business edition for home use), bought my own domain, and migrated it to M365, with Kaspersky scanning my emails, Teams, Onedrive and Sharepoint. I encrypted all of my drives with Bitlocker, and applied MS security baselines to all of my devices.

Even though I thought I had enough protection, just a simple test script from GitHub proved most of my security software is useless.

For my company network I have Symantec Endpoint Security, Symantec WSS, Qualys Cloud Security, Intune with Azure IP, and even with those there are few ways to extract data. For example, I found out they didn't block Adobe Cloud services and I managed to take several files for testing, and a week later they blocked the service, but still if I had malicious intentions, I could have extracted confidential information.

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Thanks for the replies. I contacted BW Support before and last message was they were working on the issue, like a month ago.

As for password generator, I want to exclude characters, create templates for specific apps and websites, keep generated password history, divide characters for example instead of just using symbols for everything, it could be several selection criterias like one for dot and minus, one for brackets, one for latin characters, one for normal symbols, and so on.

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Okay, I will create another ticket. This happens both in my Samsung A32 with Android 12 and iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 16 Beta 3

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I have around 550-600ish login items, so that amount shouldn't be an issue. Even if I change 3-4 items I have to manually sync. For example I change something in browser extension, it gets reflected into desktop app hours later, and to mobiles only by miracle or manual sync.