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You are dodging questions about Corbyn for a reason aren't you...

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That would have been the dealbreaker for me. The withdrawal headaches.

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Are these animals deployed around the World in any way and if so how are they transported?

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Hey there John, huge fan of your work. I was a trainee journalism who completed an NCTJ journalism diploma last year. Sadly, I realized quite quickly that most of the material was definitely more geared towards tabloid writers, and left me with a deflated morale and lack of energy for the career that I had worked so hard towards. I originally wanted to wanted to be a war corr, figuring that I was well travelled and keen to see the true horrors of this world, bringing light to the plight of the most unfortunate of us. I realized climbing the ladder would be the only way to work myself into a news corp, since freelancing as a war corr seems almost impossible, and was very quickly aware that, without a network at your hand to make connections, there is little or no chance of taking off in the industry. What would you honestly recommend to someone like myself? Should I go to Uni and complete a international reporting and affairs degree? What other degrees would you recommend? Are there any realistic alternatives to just slaving up through the ranks? Thank you for the AMA!

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Hi. Prior to your attempt, hundreds, maybe thousands of 3D printing fans and engineers have been printing limbs for friends, relatives and victims of war. Organisations such as unlimbited, E-Nable, Cyborg Beast to name a few.

Why do you think you deserve an AMA for doing something that so many people have already done?