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Hi! Thanks for doing this :)
1) Why are you hosted by GoDaddy if you are so against SOPA?

2) Are you worried about 2 'Richard M.'s splitting the anti-Lamar Smith vote?

3) How do you respond to these comments about why we shouldn't take you seriously, namely that "Richard Morgan is NOT a candidate to take seriously. He's someone looking to cash in on splitting the vote. He has similar positions to Lamar while not being Lamar."

*Edit: Also, can you expand on some of these? Your stances on these positions are pretty weak - how will you go about doing this stuff?

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Thanks for the quick response & detailed explanation!

1) I understand you were busy, but you could have started with any number of other domain hosters. Plus the PAC I've seen closely associated with you (at least, your supporters are pushing it and you've commented on their facebook page) is also hosted on GoDaddy. I feel that hosting your sites with an alternative company (and encouraging the people who are advocating internet freedom to do the same) is kind of step #1 in practicing your opposition to SOPA.

2) I'm surprised that you say the primary isn't the best way to get Lamar Smith off of the ballot, but I can see your point, particularly with regards to donations and endorsements in the runoff. I am of the opinion that if it does go to a runoff, it will almost certainly include Lamar Smith and one of the two R.M. candidates rather than both you and Mack. If you feel like answering more questions: What happens if it's not you?

It will be very interesting to see what happens with the primary given the huge anti-SOPA anti-Hollywood sentiment I'm seeing from all sides of the political spectrum.

3a& 3b) Good to know that there will be more info coming soon - SOPA is a good place to start for this group, but statements like "I support returning education funds to the states" are way too vague to get you anywhere. We can start with that one if you'd like, & work our way down the list :)

Another few questions for you: You define your positions on the issues primarily in terms of "not Lamar Smith." 4) How are you also different from Mack? 5) What are your roots in the Texas community? I understand you just recently moved here. 6) Who are you, outside of "not Lamar Smith"

I'm at work so I won't be able to respond for the next few hours, but I look forward to seeing your replies. Thanks!

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Thanks for that clarification!