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BestPGJohnWall32 karma

Many people think that the answer at center for the Wizards is not currently on the roster. How do you plan to find a center, hopefully one who is good defensively and rebounding? Is it through the draft, trades, or do you believe that one of our bigs on the roster can be the future center?

BestPGJohnWall21 karma

With both Ish Smith and Shabazz Napier as two quality backup PGs on the roster currently, what do you plan to do with them? Are you planning on re-signing Napier to be a third point guard, or are you going to let him walk?

Also, what do you think about this trade: Thomas Bryant, Ish Smith, 2021 1st round pick, 2023 Chicago 2nd for Myles Turner?

BestPGJohnWall1 karma

As we all know, the defense has been terrible this season, though it has improved lately (especially with Isaiah Thomas being traded). Nevertheless, the defense could still stand to be improved. How are you planning on doing that? Is it primarily internal defensive development, or do you believe the team needs to acquire more defensive-minded players in order to become a good defensive team?