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Marketing and money.

Personally I hate homeopathic remedies and straight up tell people that they are useless and show them to the good stuff, actual science and trial based medications. But when enough people ask for something, we sell it. /u/realneil has somewhat of a point. Placebos are a thing and do work in certain circumstances. For example, I have heard some people swear by bioglan melatonin for sleep. This is a 6x homeopathic product (meaning diluted 6x in 100ml. so roughly 1:1000000 if I'm not mistaken). AKA: not very scientifically useful. I usually congratulate them that it is working for them. But if someone ask me if it works I say no. plain and simple. Go see your doctor for a script for the 2mg tablets. Now they work well and have clinical trials behind them.

Due to the popularity of homeopathic remedies brought on by (I'm assuming) bloggers and people who want natural remedies, we sell that crap. It makes money.

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Well if we are rarely asked for a product, then we generally don't stock it, or special order it in for people. There are quite a few items like this, and if we don't stock it, there would be a pharmacy out there somewhere that would. A good example of this is Avomine. It was not too popular, but enough people asked that most stores kept like 1 or 2. Not sure why, but the company discontinued it, even though we still get requests every few weeks.

Some of the hardcore cancer treatments are pretty rare, especially the newer ones. I have seen some Special Access Scheme drugs before too (medications from overseas that are not approved for use in Australia unless you get special approval from the government). Medicinal Cannabis is also quite rare at this point, but not for too much longer.

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Well if they are coming back to my store for the 3rd time to get it, pretty suspicious.

If someone wants to get another bottle again within a few days, I would usually ask they to go see their doctor and get a script. This deters most illegitimate sales pretty fast, and for the people that actually need it for a cough, they will usually be happy to oblige.

The other tactic is to just keep asking questions. Most people don't really get what a "dry" cough is, and will say that they are coughing up phlegm. If that is the case, then i give them a chesty cough liquid and deny them any dry liquids as it will probably make things worse.

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I think Circadin should be available over the counter. It is a much better sleep aid than all the other OTC sleep aids (AKA: Drowsy anti-histamines).

Some rules are strict, others are fair, and some products need to be up-regulated.All of the large pack sizes of things like paracetamol and ibuprofen really shouldn't be a thing. They are very dangerous in large doses.

On the other hand things like Viagra and Ondansetron (anti-nausea) should be available OTC in limited quantities. Getting a stiffy and not throwing up sound like a decent human right.

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To fit more in of course! I am just assuming this, but its probably due to the 17'000+ lines we keep...