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Why dont you accept G.I. benefits?

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Do they have you do any actual infantry training when you're not on mission?

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I see it turning into a larger problem, because it may "inspire" other government workers to blow the whistle on other secret programs, that aren't actually illegal but damaging to our intelligence gathering process. Don't get me wrong I don't think the NSA should be recording any American data whatsoever without a proper warrant. Snowden exposed that and I am supportive of that. However he went to China... He also disclosed other government programs, that even the news agency did not publish because they recognized the sensitivity of it. There is a right way, and then there is a really wrong way with going to far. If I am wrong then please call me out

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A line has been crossed, I was young but I do remember the Patriot Act when It was first passed, I was angry about it then. It is too difficult to get people to react, I know one of the biggest jokes on reddit right now is that there are people protesting, but only on the internet. The people who work at the NSA need to be the ones to correct this issue. People forget that the NSA is not this giant computer that makes decisions for itself, there are many people who work there who are also just like you and me. But a lot of contracting positions rely on the ability to go through this data. The more data you collect, the more analysts you need to hire to store and analyze. I think funding is too deep to stop this.

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how much would you say?