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Bio lab in my first week of college... Because that's where I met my future wife. She was my lab partner.

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We really do need to keep big money out of politics as much as we can. I saw the influence of lobbying and big money every day in Washington and I don’t like it. Ultimately, in my opinion, the best option would be public financing of campaigns with limited duration and limited total expenditure. And, just for the record, this country has to reverse Citizens United -- the sooner the better.

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I abhor rationing, and any intimation that I am for it is hogwash. That quotation (which Republican demagogues took totally out of context) was my comment on the opacity and lack of accountability of health care insurers -- who every day make decisions that affect the access that people have to health care. My point is that those decisions should not be made in secret but in daylight so that we can hold these companies fully responsible for what they do.

Remember, I’m a doctor, and every day of my clinical life I went to the mat to get every single patient all of the care that could possible help them.

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The trick here is to get the duck to eat the horses. It would be an innovation--that's my thing.

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  1. Being knighted was very cool--my family was there. The actual ceremony was performed by the British Ambassador to the US. Best uniforms I’ve ever seen...hands down. I got a great medallion on a velvet pillow along with a 25 page manual about the rules of being a knight. I’ve got the Queen’s signature hanging in my study.

  2. No.