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Not at all. I actually didn't go into the audition for a part, I went to see if they needed crew!

I went on one more audition after this movie and bombed it, then focused on finishing my degree.

The following audition was for a heist film and I bombed it two ways:

  1. I don't have a good memory for long blocks of lines verbatim so instead of a prepared scene I entered the room in character for what it sounded like they wanted for one of the leads. I was so convincing the producers told me I mis-understood the ad, that they weren't actually looking for a hacker. I walked out and came back in as myself and asked how it went. They admitted I was so convincing they didn't turn on the camera. So half my audition was completely undocumented.
  2. The scene they provided was one of those "Frank Underwood addresses the camera while nobody else notices" scenes. Unfortunately, it was almost 8 years before House of Cards so while I had seen other movies that used the technique I didn't recognize it until I had completely botched the reading.

I'd love to get back into acting, but between work and family and a day job I enjoy it just hasn't happened.

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How is the atmosphere on the set for a found footage film?

This one was pretty relaxed. We had a cooler and copy paper box of bagged chips and snacks in the back of the director's SUV for a craft table. The uncredited 6th lead was the Rockwood, and the cast used it to get from location to location.

The film is about 95% verbatim to the script (and most of the variations are me forgetting the line and ad-libbing something "close enough"), but T. Michael Conway was pretty laid back about just having to hit close enough.

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Excellent pro tip! Where were you <checks notes> 17 years ago?

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You remember correctly! It took 2 days to get my hair clean!

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Yep! All over the place, from almost all the way to Wooster up to Cuyahoga Falls. And yes, even a couple scenes in Boston Mills.