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BernieTheDachshund488 karma

How dumb are the investigators? They had to know his alibi was legit and yet went by an anonymous tip! Either they're liars or they just didn't care and were willing to railroad an innocent person to get it over with. Very disturbing. More should be done to punish crooked cops & investigators so this doesn't happen again.

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It's just insane that he was 100% innocent and yet all that happened. Even a confession by the real killer(s) wasn't enough. They make it way too hard and expensive and time-consuming to get innocent people out of prison.

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Do you cover how this opioid epidemic has affected chronic pain patients? I see a lot of folks on Twitter who can't get pain meds. I'm talking about cancer patients, people who've had hip replacements, chest surgery, etc. The DEA has doctors scared to prescribe meds and it has resulted in some cruel deprivation of even a 3 day supply of opiates. Those who suffer from debilitating pain on a regular basis have been cut off or forced to undergo spinal shots to get them.

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It's a multi-faceted problem that affects lots of people in different ways. Not only those with chronic pain who are not addicts, but those who have a terminal illness and they scare them into refusing medication to ease their suffering by telling them "You don't want to die as a drug addict, do you?" I think there was a report that recently recognized that they've over-compensated and are now under prescribing to those in need. I'd be enraged if one of my loved ones was refused end of life pain meds. That's just straight up sadistic to me.

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I see lots of people on Twitter who have issues like you. They were stable, compliant patients for years and then the DEA changed everything about 5 years ago. By cracking down on rx meds, they've punished the innocent folks and inadvertently driven many others to street pills. Those pills are made with fentanyl sometimes and they OD. So ironically the government has made the epidemic worse. I feel like everyone should have pain relief. I don't believe in letting anyone suffer in pain. I try to imagine if it were my loved one, I'd want them to have the benefit of the doubt and be given meds. You should not be punished for the misdeeds of others. The doctors are indeed scared of the feds. What a mess.