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Basically an enzyme in my liver called CYPC29 is responsible for metabolizing delta 9 thc into hydroxy 11 thc and then into something passable in the kidneys. In some people like me that enzyme works too fast and metabolized all the hydroxy 11 thc before it can effect my brain.

So far I've brainstormed a few options but it's vapor ware ATM. Various drugs and chemicals can inhibit that liver enzyme I just don't know which ones are the safest to use and how effect they are at inhibiting that enzyme. The second solution is basically the first solution but using natural compounds. Apparently garlic is a natural inhibitor for that enzyme but idk how much or if it actually even works.

The only real world solution to see what edibles feel like is getting a hydroxy 11 thc cart. In the case of the cart I've noticed that with 3 back to back big puffs I can get high for like 15 minutes but not very high. I think this is because from the lungs the hydroxythc is getting in my blood stream and some of it is going to my brain and some of it is going to my liver where it's processed too quickly to maintain the high.

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Wow grapefruit juice. Thanks man I will look into that. I haven't actually started doing research yet but if I find a solution I'll post about it on reddit I guess lol. 😅

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So I did a little research and apparently I have an enzyme in my liver that makes edible thc not work. Is anyone in your field looking into that?

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D8 and D9 carts both get me very high. Smoking flower is my method of choice and it gets me super high. I've tried vaping a thc-0 cart and that didn't do anything no matter how much I vaped. Thc-0 is converted to hydroxy 11 thc in the liver.