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LSD helped me with my depression.

Edit: To the people downvoting. There's even science on the subject. Even the science from the 50's showed LSD helpes against depression.



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One 100 ug trip was enough for me. I recommend reading up on the subject and show the information to your wife if you find it convincing enough to be interested. Acquiring it can always be fixed. It changed my life from thinking about when and how I was gonna kill myself to actually caring and looking forward in life, and to love myself.

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ADD is diagnosed with a form full of questions you answare. Atleast here in my country. Recently had to do it again to get my meds as adult.

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Fair enough. Good luck

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It doesn't magically make you go crazy, but it provokes underlying conditions. And doing LSD at the age of 18 is a gamble, which is why propper information needs to be relayed to the young.