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Yup. There is a guy called Owen Benjamin. Has tens-hundreds of thousands of followers, believes that: earth is flat, holocaust never happened, nukes are fake, nasa is just fake news propaganda and other nonsense. Too bad his streams are now only for paid members, can't listen to propaganda no more. :( But he still streams every day and thousands are watching.

That's the one I encountered by a random chance. I am sure there are many many more.

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This one time, I had some visitors and forgot to close the project and as they came in they saw the a giant 3d model of a vagine. Some found it funny, others, not so much.

I swear, I was not jerking off, I was just working on my game.

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You mentioned using angel investments. What implications does that have?

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Are you still in control of your company? 51+% shares or however it is?

p.s. thanks for the answer. I found your AMA by sorting post with "controversial". Instead of a tragic AMA I found s pretty interesting one. Great responses. Congratulations for achieving this much.

I am not a woman, so I don't know anything about these products. So even if this is purely marketing and even if there is nothing unique - still achieved a lot. Not saying that it is. Just talking in general.