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Serious question: is it legal to drink and row, or just not frowned upon as heavily?

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And some people bought copies for their horrible movie collections.

I've got a space for it right between The Room and Birth of a Nation.

EDIT: Movies can be horrible for differing reasons. Birth of a Nation was technologically a great movie that was horrid for its subject matter. The Room is just a show of incompetence. I also have Ray "Banana Man" Comfort's 180 in there, another horrible for its subject matter.

EDIT2: I have The Innocence of Muslims in digital format (I can't find a DVD). It's a great example of both technological ineptitude and racist/xenophobic dumbfuckery.

EDIT3: Apparently this is because The Innocence of Muslims doesn't actually exist as a full film, and the one I downloaded is just parts of the infamous trailer looped...

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Yeah, the IKEA porn issue ("he inserted tab P into slot V and screwed until the nuts tightened") is a problem.

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Disaster preparation is actually something they consider when opening new schools. They know schools double as shelters, so they won't open one that is even close to a flood zone.

(I worked for the Polk County school system for several years, specifically alongside the Facilities department.)

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How do we encourage a bit of modesty without causing shame?

My girlfriend's 3-year-old is always naked (unless he's going to bed, in which case he insists on pants). [edit: we keep clothes on him when we're outside the house, but at home he keeps stripping to his birthday suit.] We're tired of having to tell him to stay inside because none of the neighbors want to see his penis. Is there a way to get him to understand that he should be covered up when others can see him without making him ashamed of his body?