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Could you elaborate more on tail gaiting? What could happen when someone tail gates?

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Greetings from Texas. I have two questions.

1) Taco bell is always coming up with new menu items that are different from other fast food places and has never had much publicity (except the Doritos taco). Now that you have a product that is similar to what other fast food places offer. Why such a large campaign to push the breakfast taco?

2) What happened to the salsa verde? I can't find any in the Houston area.

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If you look at old Arnold documentaries (pumping iron, I think) you will sometimes see Danny in the back ground at venice beach training. I think it was around the time of olympia.

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What is the relevance of telling us that you have a MBA degree?

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But what about multi speciality clinics? Do you think EMRs aren't designed for better patient care in those type of facilities?