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To me I'm less worried about something happening in the water than something bad happening on the boat. Things like a bad fall on the deck, damage to the boat that we can't repair, a crew member getting severely injured or ill.

Safety is a major concern for our team and we've done everything we can to prepare for every type of scenario, for this reason we have two medics on board and more than a few crew members that can provide repairs to the boat.

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Your daughters will be disappointed to know I have a strict no sugar diet. Most of my calories will come from a high fat diet and include a lot of freeze-dry full meals, rice, pasta and various soups, with olive oil added to increase the fat content.

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I will try to consumer around 8,000 calories per day. Unfortunately I will not be able to take in much food or drink while I am swimming, leaving me with only evenings and early mornings to try and eat as much as I can before jumping in the water again.

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I won't be swimming at night so that won't be much of a problem. There are certainly other things to worry about.

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Not to discredit Guy's attempt, but his swim was aided by the use of a kick board. He also used a 15-foot raft, in prevailing winds and currents that kept him moving west even when he was asleep. For me it's not a matter of who did it first, we both had different methods.