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If you like that song, check out The Devil Comes Back to Georgia, a sequel to the song with Johnny Cash singing and an amazing fiddler Mark O'Connor.

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Hopefully that's the answer to "how long does it take" and not "how old is too old."

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A cliffhanger is meant to ensure viewers come back.

Well, that's not always the only purpose. Sometimes it's fun and thought-provoking and suspenseful. The ending to Season 2 of Better Call Saul had a good cliffhanger in the form of a mysterious one-word note.

The problems with TWD's cliffhanger are that (1) we are left wondering what already happened, not what will happen, and (2) it's a roll of the dice. We are literally left wondering about the outcome of a game of eenie-meenie-minie-moe. There's no room for clever speculation about what will happen next, or what surprises may be in store. It's just which one they randomly picked.

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All the great cliffhangers I can remember have left the audience anticipating the answer to some mysterious, open-ended question about what happens next: “How is our protagonist going to respond to THIS mess?” Or perhaps, “What interesting twist does this sign portend?” But I don’t ever remember a decent cliffhanger in which the audience knows exactly what happened, except that some crucial detail was hidden, so that there’s no more mystery involved than in a roll of the dice. Why did you think that would work?

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Are there any books you'd recommend for herding training specifically? We're about to get a Tervuren puppy, not as a serious working dog, but it would be fun to teach her how to direct our pet ducks into their coop at night.