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First of all, congrats! Those videos and pictures and audio. Wow. I'm as blown away as the dust just before the release.
For my question: I was really inspired to consider going back to college to pick up another degree and aim for NASA because of Perseverance. What level of education did you folks end on before going to work in the space industry (Bachelor's/ Master's/ PhD) and what majors did you graduate with?
Thank you folks for your time. And congrats once again! Those videos and hearing "touchdown confirmed" will always make me tear up.

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I was considering astrogeology! Those pictures of Mars and figuring out what they mean present time and past, what it's all made of, the excitement the team felt seeing those images and trying to figure out if volcanic or sedimentary. Space rocks and space images!
It's really reassuring to hear that you went back to school, CJ. I was discouraged that I'd have to go back to school after already having a BA. Like I had failed. But hearing you went back for it, and seeing that on redplanet_greenthumbs (Darian)'s instagram, I have hope. Thank you so much.