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Why are there so many alt accounts posting in this AMA?

I would assume if a company bought comments from a service they would at least splurge for the ones with longer account age.

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Hopefully I can tag on a supplemntal question along the same lines.

Many people now are leaving their physical address off of their resume, mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. We live in a digital age where email and telephone are the main ways to communicate with employers, and so physical address doesn't really apply.

  2. Geographic discrimination, as you pointed out, is still very prevalent in the job market.

Thoughts on this? Good/bad idea to leave off your physical address?

I can see that relocation $ may still be in their mind if they have no idea where you're from, but if you can catch a phone interview then you can dismiss the ideas.

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While that may get details of the xyz bill into the Congressperson's ear, it's naive to think all that's needed is a good in-person argument.

Websites like OpenSecrets don't exist to show how great someone's argument was.

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Looks like they bought a lot of comments for this AMA. Most questions are from alt accounts and AMA specific ones.

Good catch.