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Is today a Content Creators dream come true? Is there such a thing as too much art? Are steaming services going to break the entertainment model? Can artists thrive in the digital age or is the monetization still exploitation?

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I had a friend lose his sense of smell after a head injury. Do you know of any science that says it could come back? What if I hit him in exactly the same spot on the same day in the same place like a teen movie?

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No bite marks on the hot dog. Must hold a bun with both hands to count as a catch. Overall Winner eats the most of dogs they mouth-caught.

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They should give you some light psilocybin before throwing you in the deep end. That’s irresponsible and they’re professionals... I’d never let someone who has never had a psychedelic experience go straight in without some preparation.

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Is neuroplasticity at all related to the senses? I know stroke patient’s brains “rewire” but I imagine this is a hardware vs software situation.