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The day the announcement came, within 2 hours, a rep from Primerica was in the store scouting...

Ouch.. Those guys are fuckin predators.

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The SIII has quite the girth to it too and it's the best selling Android phone of all time! (I love mine, Just rooted it actually. Now that I mention it, know any good roms?)

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What upcoming technology are you most excited for and why? Also, what piece of technology do you think will revolutionize the way we live?

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First off, thanks for the reply!

I must agree with you on how abnormally common it will probably be in the next year or so for people to have something like Google Glass for example. I've seen a lot of interviews from people who say "oh I'll never wear that. That's ridiculous." However, I believe I would be safe in saying that 15 years ago, people would say the same thing about iPads and (as I previously read in another reply) your Note.