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I can't help but wonder if he got this reference, or is sad at being called a bitch.

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I know this seems like an idiotic/intentionally gruesome question, but honestly, what did it feel like to stab him? Do you remember actually stabbing him, or was it pure adrenaline? Was it a conscious "I'm gonna stab him in the jugular" or just a lucky hit?

Again, not asking to be graphic, but I'm just really curious to know what was going through your head.

Thanks so much for the AMA, I hate that you are reliving this, but I'm honored to be able to hear your story.

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The Taco Bell near me closes at 3. I get off work at 2 and get to the drive thru about 2:15. At least 2 times a month they tell me their system is down and it'll be between 10-15 mins before they can take my order...is this a legit issue or are they just trying to avoid making food for the last 45 mins? I'd completely understand if I was trying to place an order at 2:55, but 45 mins before close seems a bit excessive to be making bullshit excuses... That said, having a system that "goes down" at the same time multiple times a month that requires 10-15 mins to reboot seems equally crazy... Thoughts?

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I am a Catholic


I believe the world would be better off without religion...Religion is not some moral compass...

I'm honestly not trying to be a dick, but how does this make sense? I'm not gonna start trying to atheistize you or something, but I'm genuinely curious to understand how you rationalize this!

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i actually considered tuning into hannity tonight to see what she said.