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The good thing is that OSHA only applies to job sites. Want your kids to dangle off a zipline 30' off the ground? YOLO!

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Is the kidney issues the only problem you are currently facing or is it part of a larger group of health issues?

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And it's also a lot more effective than a small pocket knife against large dogs and bears.

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My mom has the same fluid issue. At least otherwise if you are mostly healthy and you’re young so you will be higher on the transplant list. I have a friend that got donor kidneys years back. He didn’t know how long he was gonna live when he was diagnose. But he got a donor and it’s been 15 years or so since he got his transplant and he’s now recently gotten married and had a baby. So stay positive, good things will come and medicine is much farther along than even when my friend got his transplant.