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Pretty sure Scandanavian prisons are slightly less intense than the rest of the world. Probably not as big a deal as if he did time in the United States or Russia.

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He was in "Prison" from October to March. In Finland. He would probably have been indoors at his parents place all that time anyway. Have you read about Finnish prisons? Once they left the doors unlocked before the guards went home. (I'll just let both parts of that sentence kick in for a second) You know what the inmates did? They baked brownies.

This kid is acting like he was in the Attica prison riots.

Finland has a very small tax base, but very lavish social services, (by our standards) which is a good thing. Their education system is very well funded, along with their healthcare services, but their military isn't exactly used for "spreading democracy"©, it's used for spreading salt on roadways, mostly.

So how does the government pay for it? Well, instead of paying grown adults a high salary to do menial labour like drive plow trucks and shovel the steps of Parliament, they draft kids to do it. Heck, I think it's a great idea. As long as these drafted "soldiers" aren't used for invasion, (who's Finland gonna invade, Russia?) I really don't have a problem with civil service. Most of Europe does it. Heck, most of the world does it. The only countries that don't have some sort of draft are in the Americas.

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metal polishing generates a lot of heat. Gloves are necessary. Correctly sized ones, that is. Her gloves were probably too big.

Source: Buddy owns a plating/polishing shop.

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We're getting close now with the Arri SkyPanels. They're hella expensive, but soon they'll have replacements for fresnel lights. Less colour correction for us Grips to carry!

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Have we forgotten the biologically, ducks are not that far removed from dinosaurs? Seriously, if a duck is angry, it can fuck you up, even if it is duck sized. A horse sized duck could probably kill you easily.

Duck sized horses would probably just run away, even as a herd. Wave a plastic bag at them and they run. They're skittish. But would probably be very cute if scaled down to about three or four pounds.