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Woah well put.

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I make my own nectar without coloring and it attracted hummingbirds right away! I was worried it wouldn't work without the red dye but I have a regular visitor now who always comes by when I go outside.

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I'm working as a ranger at a glacier and feel very fortunate to have such a visible indicator of climate change to talk with people about. I really appreciate your answer about impact and would love to explore some vr glacier caves since ours aren't so accessable anymore.

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How are you with Photoshop? The content aware fill has gotten really good these days. I bet you could expand the image background on a lot of them pretty quickly.

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Would fermented foods be a better source than supplements? I was under the impression that things like kombucha, pickles and yogurt could help with gut Flora but I guess that could just be big yogurt propaganda.