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My school lunch was literally the same food that the local state prison fed their prisoners. A friend of mine would write me letters occasionally and we would always write about the food that week.

How come the prisoners got more? School lunch was my only meal of the day and it always left me wanting more

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Guitarist here, why does the music community seem to shun electric guitars? I did my undergrad in classical playing, but I realized that wasn't for me. Had I decided to play electric guitar earlier, I would have been forced into a jazz program(no problem with that). I just wholly believe that not allowing the instrument to evolve stunts the evolution of music itself.

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This one is for anyone who wants to answer:

If for the rest of your life, you could only tell people you were the voice of one character, who would you choose?

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I'd move to Finland if you were hiring composers.

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How do I get my music to game and film companies? I've been doing small projects for years, but no one ever gets back to me from the big guys.