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Outback Steakhouse isn't even remotely Australian.

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Are you easily awakened with a flute and aggressively attack those responsible?

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That's a lie.

Comcast doesn't have any wits.

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I made the answers to the questions easier to read because I feel it's important that people are able to easily access information on this thread.

I made no changes other than adding the questions in quotation blocks, formatting of the answers and removing the hyphens which became unnecessary.

No other changes were made.

What do you think about all the people who flood into these countries that are not actually Syrians and are not fleeing from a war?

I personally think it's pathetic that non syrians are riding on the hardship of other people for their benefit.

Do you think many Syrians come to Sweden for the welfare, not wanting to work?

From my experiences and from the people I know, people's main objectives are being safe, live a better life etc, and everyone I personally know want's to get a job and has no interest on riding on the welfare because many many of the people i am sure they'd return to Syria if it was safe (mainly older people), but I can't deny the possibility of someone trying to ride on the welfare system.

What is yours and your Syrian friends attitude towards the Swedish women, the way they dress, they drink, are equal in all and will never be property of any man?

They don't care, or even if they did, they mind their own business, the people i know just mind their own business and don't seek to apply their own laws on anyone.

Do you want Sweden to eventually become islamic?

I am not very religious and I believe in the separation of church and state.. basically no way.

What are your plans for the future?

I am personally very ambitious, I want to either start my own business and help create jobs for people, and in the far future I'd hope to go back to Syria and run for president if things turn to the better.

Where in Sweden are you?

I live in a city about an hour away from uppsala

How long have you been here?

I have lived for a few months, but I just recently left my family there to study outside.

Would you return to Syria if the war ended and there were peace?

I would, because I see potential in Syria becoming a great country, but that requires a lot of work and time.

Would you ever vote for an islamic party, like the muslim brotherhood if it came to Sweden?

I would not want a muslim party to exist in the first place.

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I've got one of those. I love it that I can listen to music playing at any volume I wish nearly anywhere in the house (max 2 rooms away from the device) and I don't have to worry about people yelling at me to turn the damn thing down.