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This may be silly, but: how did you find financial experts that you can trust with your money? Did you just go to your bank and ask for referrals?

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do you think spine/chest protection would've saved you from injury?

Do you do anything to promote savety within the skating community nowadays?

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I think you could become a poster child of promoting safety in your sport, thus doing a lot of good. Maybe something to think about :)

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I've always been wondering: Do those really work better than run-of-the mill earplugs? I'm scared that they either muffle everything like regular plugs or OTOH don't work at all and my hearing isn't protected either..... Are there any solid scientific papers out?

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I was always enthusiastic about D and wanted to learn it for a long time. However when I finally got around to reading your book, I found that D just has too many features, trying to accommodate everyone and every situation and corner case. I had to drop D eventually because the number of keywords and special-case keywords just seemed to impractical. (Sidenote: C++ seems to be heading in the same direction, adding new features to an already fairly overloaded language). In stark contrast to this we have Go, which is often praised for its rather small, orthogonal featureset.

  1. What's your opinion as a language designer about this feature-richness/simpleness trade-off?

  2. Are there any features in D 2.0 that, in hindsight, you would want to drop?

  3. Any ones you wished you had incorporated but didn't?