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His boner.

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Fuck the new changes to the Club policy, right? I just went two weeks ago (for the first time in a year or so) and was blown away that park entrance is no longer free. The food was incredible that day though (which seems to be rare as of lately), so I was pleased none-the-less.

Question: Have you been in the California Adventure 33 lounge yet?

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Very nice use of gayness!

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Jackson! I love the show. I am new to the cat world - my girlfriends cat has now become my adopted son. I do pretty well with him, like providing water from the sink when he demands, and letting him drink the milk from the bottom of my cereal bowl. But I still feel like he does not respect me. He is very found of my girlfriend, and will lay in bed between us and stare me down. That is alright, I understand I cannot break that bond - but my question is how do I gain some respect from him? He does not need to love me like he loves her, but I just want to feel like I am accepted in the family cuddle time.

Thanks for any help!