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Beardedrugbymonster43 karma

I'm deathly afraid of flying though I've done it a handful of times. Are there really backup engines for the backup engines??

I was getting ready to fly home once and this ex airplane mechanic told me that a couple of days before my flight, to chill me the fuck out.

Beardedrugbymonster16 karma

How fast does your police car have to be to keep up with all of the other speed demons on the road?

Beardedrugbymonster6 karma

Probably because they're already getting their fix on the commute back and forth to work.

I bet there are still more auto accidents here in the states than in Germany though...?

Beardedrugbymonster2 karma

Or Bird strikes. Yikes.

Beardedrugbymonster2 karma

I knew it!