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1) Do you think there is a realistic solution to the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana that both parties can get behind?

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That's actually not true anymore if I'm remembering correctly, both conventions got too big. Back when I was working in the startup world we used to call that Freaks and Geeks week. There was a lot of fun people watching.

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My son has been masterbating (humping his hands/bed usually before bed) since he was about 4 (he is 6 now). We have always just told him that it's ok but something he should do in privacy....any suggestions on the best way to tackle this subject? I don't want to make him feel weird or shamed but also want to be sure he understands it's not something for sleepovers/school.

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Technically wouldn't asking about job openings fall under the "anything" category?

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Do you support raising the income cap on the Child Tax Credit and tying it to inflation like the bill the house just recently passed?