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I'm 55 and I own and run a successful company providing distinct services to associations and societies. The majority of the services we provide are distributed through web applications. I've never had an ounce of web programming in a classroom and have self taught myself how to do it. I learn new stuff almost each and every day. If I didn't, we would have folded years ago... Make that jump for yourself and you will be happy!

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Are there places engineered up to for you to tie the chord to? And considering the photo they show you is a turbine on fire, is the chord/rope fire proof?

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When they do in fact know how the trick was done, they just tell the magician "We were doing that 40 years ago" or "We know how you did it". But then they never have to prove it. Do they ever sit down with those on the show and discuss behind the scenes how it works?

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Has Ferrero contacted you to try and shut you up?

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I think you are getting an overwhelming response to your special as your web site is very slow and unresponsive. When will this special expire as I would really like to try them out???