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Thank you, for your remarks.

You have taken on a great, necessary task with your extensive work on this topic.

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How their return to the US effected the fight on Jim Crow laws that is another big topic.

It actually did not help, as much as it appears/decade laters now that the smoke has cleared. The 1980's probably saw the most effective times, and that was limited to GIs who married White German women. Which trickled down to improve life for ordinary German Blacks who IR date.

Nonetheless their return to the USA did hinder things, often times, since many of those German women they brought back, would come to the USA then become 'Americanized' after 4-5 yrs...which entailed those German white women being rewarded by a Pop Culture society for joining the powerful USA culture called publicly frowning upon Black males. By the 90's, that proverbial USA 'liberation' GI was non-existent in Germany.

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It's actually a long-known reality that the Jewish Holocaust directly resulted from Hitler's hatred of Caucasian Jews for bringing darkskin [negroids] into Germany. Nazi's hated Black people long, long before the Caucasian Jews flooded Germany with Black people, hence alluded to in colonial-German history

Hitler was a great admirer of Margaret Sanger and her peculiar progress in the USA, during that time, as we all know how much Sanger publicly loathed Black people.