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Don't you fear a serious cold which could end in your death when you decide not to wear a shirt while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? Can you control your body climate only through your exercise? When I do so, I begin to sweat and soon after I begin to get cold/freeze. How do you mange it?

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I come from the swimming sport - and I was trained wrong. I was pushed and pushed and pushed and I failed in getting faster, because my pulse was beating to hard and I've got always a red head. Now is it when I swim I'm sweating in the water and later on I need about 30 mins to get dressed again, due to that sweating.

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Oops, I forgot to say Happy New Year to you and your family and all the best and of course that you can do all, what you want to do. Take care of you! Thanks for answering my question.

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In the interview with Repubblica was asked: Is the internet still cut off?
Your answer: "The internet has been returned". My Question: When your internet has been returned, why was it impossible to you, to make your press conference yesterday via video stream? You know, it is important to some supporter, to view you. Even me myself have had doubts and have asked! How to support you when there are doubts by myself? That’s really difficult. In that case I need myself some support. Hopefully you have seen, I never have stopped supporting you, despite of my battle between my heart and my mind!

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I'm German. I grew up during the Cold War and a friend of mine grew up with Stasi surveillance. Now I feel myself more and more observed, only why I'm supporting such persons liky Marty. In which world are we living now and how should it go on? Why are such persons, like Marty imprisoned and the real criminals are free? Why isn't it allowed to use our right of free speech and expression?