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Cry out! I'm trapped under ice!!

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Had to hot rack with a dude that had some serious BO issues. Definitely did everything in my power to make his life miserable. He had the joy of being racked out for anything I could ever dream of. One thing you don’t share is your sleeping bag. I would have kicked his ass if I ever caught him using it.

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Sonar also listens to shrimp getting it on a lot. I still can’t listen to popcorn in the microwave without thinking about that.

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In my day, we were sent movies on what looked like a mini vhs tape. I’m told they get them digitally now. We were lucky enough to get movies about a week before they hit theaters on a pretty regular basis. At any given moment, there were about 200 movies onboard. We watched a lot of Van Wilder (it was still somewhat new) and Ice Princess for some damn reason.

A few nukes played a lot of cribbage too. I never got into it until later in life. The occasional person would read a book or two. Beyond that, you’re either working on quals or in the rack. Sleep is just something you try to get every chance you get.

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The forecast is the same every day... 72F and fluorescent, unless something is broken. It can get a little toasty then, but it’s bearable. But... that smell is a smell that you’ll never forget. Imagine running your lawnmower at full speed in your living room for 6 months. Berthing smells of mostly feet, farts, and diesel. You get very used to that smell.